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SavvyDoc is a mobile and web based platform for doctors to market their practice and allow patients to make a real-time appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just as simple as making a restaurant reservation online. Patients will use the SavvyDoc platform to learn more about prospective health care providers by searching doctor profiles by specialty, location, insurances accepted and available appointments. Advanced functionality will include search items such as gender, name, languages and accepted payment methods. With a transparent appointment system that broadcasts appointment openings, a prospective patient can make an appointment that fits their schedule or easily change an appointment when a patients schedule suddenly changes. This ease of appointment making is not currently available to patients.

It takes less than five minutes for a doctor to integrate into the SavvyDoc platform. This will allow a doctor to create a unique profile page containing text, picture and video. These profile pages are modeled after social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIN, with the added benefit of an appointment system similar to OpenTable. Additionally a doctor will have the option of uploading documents so that patients will have easy access to pre- and post-surgical care instructions, registration forms, facility information or coupons. Few private practice doctors have tapped into the marketing power of the internet and those that have are incurring the high cost of operating a stand alone website and the necessary advertising costs to drive traffic to a stand alone website. Our survey of doctors has found that 38% claim to have a website but only 18% of patients are aware of their doctor having a website. The SavvyDoc platform will alleviate this discord by creating a search engine optimized network. Based on our unique business model, for every dollar a doctor invests in SavvyDoc there will be $6 in additional profit for that doctor through a transparent appointment system as well as capitalizing on the marketing power of the internet.

We are based out of Chicago, IL and expanding to the San Francisco, CA area in the coming months. We are currently in private alpha.

William Dorsey, IV, M.D. co-founder

Dr. William Dorsey, IV grew up on the Southside of Chicago with parents actively involved in healthcare. Dr. Dorsey’s mother ran a successful dental practice in Hyde Park for over 20 years, while his father continues to run a successful ophthalmology practice and chairs the board of directors of a Southside not for profit hospital. Following in his parents footsteps, Dr. Dorsey subsequently pursued a career in healthcare, first attending the University of Virginia where he received a bachelors of science in biochemistry. His education continued at the University of Michigan Medical School where he received a four year scholarship. During his medical school experience, Dr. Dorsey designed and completed two research projects in Orthopedic Surgery which were published in peer reviewed scientific journals and this research was presented at the pre-eminent annual Orthopedic Surgery conference over consecutive years. Dr. Dorsey continued his training at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago where he successfully completed his General Surgery internship. Dr. Dorsey’s goal is to help facilitate the integration of healthcare and technology.

Emile Cambry, Jr., MBA co-founder

Emile Cambry, Jr. grew up on the West side of Chicago to two parents in the health care arena. His mother has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and his father has been an Emergency Room Physician for over 28 years. Following his parents, Emile pursued an undergraduate career in business and in the healthcare sector. Emile Cambry, Jr. attended college at the University of Chicago, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2003 and took the necessary requirements to pursue medical school. During his collegiate experience, Emile Jr. taught calculus for two years, as well as completing pre-medical research and preparation at Yale University. Recently, Emile Cambry, Jr. fulfilled his education on full merit scholarship at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, having received his MBA. Emile graduated in March of 2008. At Kellogg, Emile concentrated in Technology and Innovation, Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Despite Emile’s experience in banking, he has pursued various projects involving the intersection of healthcare, finance, and technology.


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  3. My PCP Clients would be very interested in your service. We should chat. Resectfully, John Hayes, Jr.

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