Doctors, protect yourself from bad technology investments

It would be disingenuous of us at SavvyDoc, to champion the need for further adoption of health care IT and not understand that with any new technology there will be unscrupulous providers of bad technology. I recently came across a great resource for doctors who are having issues with their electronic medical record systems or are looking to implement a system. Doctors in peril is a non-profit organization that is looking to help protect doctors from bad IT investments. There is some useful information on current companies the organization is fighting legal battles against, but there is also a brief breakdown on how to protect your IT investment, which is VERY good. For those of us looking to implement IT solutions into health care these bad technologies or bad companies only slow the progress of a blossoming field.  Especially with SavvyDoc where we have created a solution particularly useful for smaller practices, which are at greater risk of these predatory selling practices, we want the buyer to make informed and smart decisions on IT solutions for their practice.


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