SavvyDoc Startup Review: CureHunter, Semantic Search for Disease Info

Here at SavvyDoc, and on our blog, we not only want to highlight and further the discussion of pertinent research in the health space, but we also will highlight other Web 2.0 or Health 2.0 companies, aiming to solve significant problems to make patients and physicians better off. We are not necessarily endorsing every company we review, but we want to showcase the innovation. The services we cover may not be the perfect solution, but by furthering the discussion, we hope to become a destination to get all of your latest news of innovation within this space.

One service that I learned about on one of my favorite tech blogs, ReadWriteWeb, is CureHunter. CureHunter is essentially a search engine for disease information mining tons of data to automate the process of trying to determine cures for various diseases. Very ambitious. Essentially, they aim to become the Google of disease information, and using their algorithm, they determine which cure is most effective and list it, in the same way Google uses their patented PageRank to determine the best search results.

Although I am somewhat skeptical at first blush about the ability for a web application to determine disease information and treatment, going to your physician seems to be the best choice rather than self-diagnosing or treating yourself through the site. At least for now. I did quite a bit of searches on the site, and it’s overwhelming for the non-physician, but maybe, it can be helpful for the doctor. The important take away for me is that there are tons of information on the web going from Google searches to your favorite health destination site such as WebMD. With over 117 million US adults searching for health information online, there has to be quite a bit of self-diagnosis that can be misleading to the medically untrained individual. The problem is that we need a way to sift through all of this information and that’s the power of Web 2.0 and why SavvyDoc is an advocate of utilizing web based technology and progressive web strategies to make patients and doctors better long-term. If we’re able to utilize weighted crowdsourcing, perhaps those 117 million people that search for health information online, can get a trusted resource to make more informed health decisions using the Internet, and hopefully because of the ease of use and transparency that SavvyDoc provides, they’ll seek out that physician at the first signs of needing treatment.


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