SavvyDoc Myths Part 2

One of the biggest myths when speaking to people about our product is the lack of attention to the marketing value proposition that, in my opinion, is one of the strongest aspects of our service offering. In our market research, we’ve found that 37% of the dentists claimed to have a website, yet 18% of their patients actually knew about it. With the SavvyDoc platform, we give the physicians an easy to set-up website, that enables them to provide much more information than most physician websites, in an easy to read and edit format. Most of the physician websites that we’ve come across look like an off-the-shelf solution, that is extremely arduous for the physician or their staff to update or easily manage. If they need to make a change, they have to hire a webmaster or IT specialist that can be costly.

With the SavvyDoc profile page, the physician can easily edit their educational information, awards and certifications, languages spoken, insurances accepted, payment methods accepted, and a host of other fields that take a couple of quick clicks of the mouse. The physician won’t need expensive software, or have to worry about maintaining their server and website, because that’s SavvyDoc’s job. We provide the back-end support and systems upgrade, which allow the physician to do what they went to school for, practicing medicine and helping people.

With our market research, we found that there are actually two main demographics for doctors in this space; those 28-39 and the over 40 physician. In that market research, we have also found that the 28-39 demographic cares about acquiring more patients to the practice, and the over 40 physician would like to maintain a solid pipeline of new patients, but their primary concern is to streamline and enhance their practice.

For the 28-39 individual, the marketing aspects of SavvyDoc is a tremendous value add. With our embeddable schedule “widget” which enables anyone to add the physician’s schedule to their blog, personal website, MySpace account, and soon to be completed LinkedIN and Facebook accounts, we aim to provide endless access points to the schedule of the physician, which is both viral and useful, the key to all widgets. Additionally, we spent a considerable amount of time enhancing the search engine optimization of each physician website, to ensure that they are located at the top of Google searches, not some spam site which provides inaccurate data about physicians. With over 117 million U.S. adults searching for health information online, you, the physician, want to be where the people are searching, and SavvyDoc will be the most cost effective solution. We provide analytics that detail just how many people are going to your SavvyDoc profile so you can test different marketing campaigns and promotions to determine what works best from a marketing perspective.

Additionally, we are going to provide additional services and marketing tools for the doctors to market themselves, and we’ll touch on them later on, so stay tuned.


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