SavvyDoc Myths Part 1

From our journeys of market research, pitching our idea in different forums, and letting anyone and everyone know our goals for this venture, I thought it was important to address some of the key questions people ask when scrutinizing our market opportunity.

Myth #1: What you guys are doing is no different than using my insurance provider plan website at work

In speaking with many people, we often get that statement, which is a fair statement. We offer some similar tools such as the ability to search for a physician within the network, and the ability to search by specialty. Where we differ is the essence of what makes SavvyDoc in attractive platform for doctors to market their practice on the Internet as well as a powerful tool to enable their patients to make appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The problem with your insurance provider lies in agency issues. There are three main parties that are disconnected in need of a solution that benefits all. You have the physician, the patient, and the insurance provider, all that are not closely aligned, which is why it takes you so long to make a doctors appointment and why you have to make that appointment unnecessarily far in advance. It is not a transparent process, and in many ways stems from a lack of trust. They physicians double-book because they are unsure of how many people are going to show up on time, or at all, and the patients are not confident that they are going to be given an appointment that works best with their schedule. A Journal of American Medical Association study indicated that 1 out of every 3 individuals are unable to make a timely appointment that works with their schedule. An American Dental Association study indicated that every patient that walks in for an appointment results in $43 in net profit for the dentist. Wouldn’t you double-book instead of potentially missing out on an unfilled appointment? Your insurance provider’s website doesn’t provide that level of transparency, and that’s the SavvyDoc advantage.

Additionally, every physician that is integrated within the SavvyDoc platform has full control over their online presence that’s as easy to update and manage as your Facebook profile. They can upload audio, video, and pictures in addition to file uploads for items such as pre and post-surgical care instructions or online brochures of their practice. With SavvyDoc and this blog, we aim to showcase all of the use cases for how flexible and compelling our platform is, that benefits the patients and the physicians. The patients get to make appointments that work best with their schedules, and the physicians get a marketing tool that will enhance and streamline their practice, by augmenting their sales, marketing, and operations department almost immediately.

Hey doctors, your patients want to know more about you. They want to know where you went to school, your awards and achievements, and other miscellaneous information such as languages spoken so that your patients can make more informed health care decisions. In a previous post, I cited a Harris Interactive Poll stating that 117 million United States adults search for health information online. You better believe they are searching for you as well.


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